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Life Coping Skills

Component includes Life Plan Development and Money Management.

Educational Excellence

Component includes Tabe test, GED and High School Diploma.

Responsible Citizenship

Component includes Student Government, Voter Registration and Selective Service Registration.

Health & Hygiene

Component includes Hygiene, First Aid and CPR training.

Job Skills Training

Component includes Job Shadowing, Personal Resume and Interviewing Skills.

Physical Fitness

Component includes Intense Physical Training, team Sports and the President`s Council on Physical Fitness Test.

Leadership and Followership

Component includes evaluation of performance in leadership and followership positions within student command structure.

Community Involvement and Service Projects

Component includes cadet involvement in community service projects

Core Components

The ChalleNGe Program is designed around an intervention model built on eight core components needed for successful living. The eight core components of the intervention model focus on the holistic development of the participants. Much of a corpsmember`s skill development process is based on deliberate experiential learning situations created by the staff. The eight core components and performance measures associated with each component are listed to the left.


Florida Youth ChalleNGe Academy is one of the only Youth ChalleNGe Programs in the nation that is a state certified high school, High School #0020.

Education at the Florida Youth ChalleNGe Academy involves many facets of academics. One of these facets is the General Education Development (GED) program. The Cadets will be awarded a GED certificate, if the Cadet successfully completes and passes all instruction/testing.

Florida Youth ChalleNGe Academy awards transferable standard High School Semester credits.

The GED-Adult Education allows students the ability to obtain a State of Florida High School Diploma by passing the GED tests. Under this program, credits are not earned towards a standard High School Diploma.

Academic courses are taught in a state of the art facility with very low teacher to student ratios. Each student has a computer workstation that is networked to a server that provides advanced software testing and training aids. All academic courses are taught by certified teachers from Clay County District Schools.

Florida Youth ChalleNGe Academy offers extensive physical fitness training, which is provided by certified physical fitness instructors. The physical fitness program is a multi faceted comprehensive program that ranges from intense physical training such as running to interactive sports and military confidence courses.

All cadets at Florida Youth ChalleNGe Academy are encouraged to excel in physical fitness, and are evaluated on their level of physical fitness

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