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Good Afternoon,
We have been looking into the reports that some users are having issues ordering Graduation and Uniform photos from photos.flyca.info 
From our testing it seems like the issue is related to mobile devices.   On a desktop or laptop, when you click on the Buy button, a popover should appear and you would select Packages which will then allow you to select a photo and proceed to check out.
But on mobile devices it seems to go directly to buy photo which give the error that no photo is on sale.     But on iOS (tested on a iPhone 7 Plus) if you rotate your phone to landscape, the popup will appear.   On android devices, the only way i could get the popover to appear is to hit the … in the upper right corner of the screen (Chrome) and select the option Request Desktop Site.   
We have a ticket in with the company to hopefully supply an ETA for a fix or guidance,   
FLYCA Support Team

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