Who is eligible to attend FLYCA?

Students who are credit deficient (failed any classes) and 15 1/2 -18 years old may apply to the program. The applicant must never have been adjudicated of a felony and have no pending legal matters, willing to become drug-free, and physically and mentally able to complete the program.

How long is the program?

17 1/2 Months total – 22 week (5 1/2 months) Residential Phase followed by the 12 month Post-Residential follow up program with a mentor after graduation.

Do I get to leave during the residential phase?

YES. There is a mandatory placement pass where cadets are checked out by parent(s)/guardian(s).

Can I visit my child while they are attending the program?

NO. we provide a Family Day which all families will be able to come out and show support for their child. However, cadets are allowed to receive mail and we encourage frequent, positive mail from family and friends.

What if my child turns 16 after the program starts?

Students must turn 16 during the residential phase of the program in order to attend FLYCA. If not, the applicant must wait to attend the following class to apply.

Does FLYCA accept students over the age of 18?

No. A student may turn 19 while they are attending FLYCA. If the applicant turns 19 before the 1st day of the program he/she is ineligible to apply.

Am I eligible to attend FLYCA if I'm on probation?

Yes. Students who are on probation may attend the academy as long as they meet our legal eligibility requirements (free of any felonies and any open court proceedings). We will request additional information during the application phase.

Do you take students with an IEP? (Individual Education Program or Special Education)?

Yes. Applicants who have an IEP will be required to submit a CURRENT IEP with their application.

Can I force my child to attend the program?

No. FLYCA is 100% voluntary. No one (parent, court, judge, probation officer) can force the child to come. The child must make the decision to attend the program. At any point during the application process a student is identified as being "forced" to attend the academy, the application will be terminated.

Is the Program Co-Ed?

Yes. The program is open to males and females. All activities within the academy are conducted separately. Platoons, classrooms, chow hall, etc, are all separate.

How much does FLYCA cost?

FLYCA is a FREE program for families. The Department of Defense (DOD) and the State of Florida split the $22,000 cost per cadet (75/25). The DOD funds 75% and the State of Florida funds 25%.

Do you have to be from Northern Florida to attend FLYCA?

No. Any applicant living anywhere in Florida is able to attend our academy. If you live outside of the State of Florida, click on the link below to visit our National Website to find a program near you.

Will students be drug tested at any time?

Yes. All cadets will be drug tested while attending FLYCA. Cadets will be given ample time to clean their body of any drugs and alcohol prior to the first drug test. From that point on, any positive drug test will result in immediate dismissal from the academy. Additionally, FLYCA is a tobacco and alcohol-free school.